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Упражнение 161. Переведите предложения. Прокомментируйте структуру и способ образования выделенных слов. Перечислите известные вам структурные типы слов английского языка и продуктивные способы словообразования.

1. Where am I going? To the same nowhere? Worse. I'm not even going ... I'm there. (E. O'Neill). 2. Her evidence alibied him. (E. Queen). 3. Here for the first time I heard a definite regional accent unaffected by TV-ese. (J. Steinbeck). 4. What do I do about a kid who calls me "Hi, teach?" "Nothing, maybe he calls you "Hi, teach" because he likes you. Why not answer "Hi, pupe"? (Bel Kaufman). 5. The earth is pear-shaped. (Science Digest) 6. Thousands of communities have mushroomed around airports. (A. Hailey). 7. There is a stowaway on the flight. (A. Hailey). 8. He rented a drive-yourself car. (E.S. Gardner). 9. This was an incident-packed game. (Morning Star). 10. Do you realise that without some sort of elementary give and take the whole thing would become an absolute shambles? (S. Gilliat). 11. Give the windows double glazing to soundproof them. (Science Digest). 12. A lightweight air droppable pathfinder signal light is being tested as a marker for airborne troop assembly points. (Military Review). 13. She has the close-to-the-door-when-there's-anything-interest-ing-going-on technique very highly developed. (A. Christie).


14. Scots prepare a big demo on rents. (Morning Star).15. He can give you the inside on it. I think you'll find it interesting. (H. Lindsay & R. Grouse).

Упражнение 162. Скажите, какие структурные и семантические особенности английского языка можно проиллюстрировать следующими примерами.

1. Only news makes headlines. 2. Frame the picture. Dust the picture frame. 3. No two finger print sets match exactly. The police inspector says he will fingerprint all the suspects. 4. The government sponsored the campaign. The government sponsored campaign. 5. 'It will insult him!' 'Yes, it will add insult to the injury.' 6. 'To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it.' 'Right you are. So never advise anyone anything.' 7. New Yorkers are human locomotives that go non-stop from seven in the morning till midnight. (G. Mikes)

Упражнение 163. Переведите, пользуясь словарем, следующие предложения. Скажите, какие лингвистические явления и какие особенности английского языка можно проиллюстрировать этими примерами.

1. The British are proud of their ability to create a muddle and then muddle through all difficulties. I must shake the British pride: muddle is not an exclusively British institution. (G. Mikes). 2. The expression a man wears on his face is far more important than the clothes he wears on his back. (D. Carnegie). 3. Childproof your cabinet. (Advertisement). 4. Europe has 'gone west' ... to America let's hope. (E. O' Neill). 5. Harold and his company put on 'The Minister's Sweetheart' in which the handsome village minister was in love with the leading lady. (B. Smith). 6. I was satisfied that she was unhappy. (J. O'Hara).

Упражнение 164. Передайте содержание следующих шуток. Скажите, на каких лингвистических явлениях они основаны, и расскажите, что вы знаете об этих явлениях.

1. "What is the difference between a watchmaker and a jailer?" "The one sells watches, the other watches cells." 2. Does a doctor doctor a doctor according to the doctored doctor's doctrine or does the doctor doing the doctoring doctor the other doctor according to his own doctoring doctrine? 3. Specialist: You are suffering from nervous exhaustion. I can cure you for the small sum of two thousand dollars.


Patient: And will my nerve be as good as yours then? 4. Political Speaker: I'm pleased to see such a dense crowd here tonight. Voice: Don't be too pleased. We aren't all dense. 5. "Doctor, I am sorry to drag you so far out in the country on such a bad night." "Oh, it's all right because I have another patient near here so I can kill two birds with one stone." 6. "At which joint, did your friend have his arm amputated?" "That's a mighty disrespectful way to speak of a hospital." 7. Political Speaker: What we need is a working majorit and then... A Voice: Better reverse it, mister. What we really need is a majority working. 8. Street Orator: We must get rid of radicalism, Socialism, Bolshevism, Communism and Anarchism. Voice from the Crowd: And while we're about it, why not throw in rheumatism? 9. "Johnny," said the teacher, "Who were the two strongest men of olden times?" "Samson and Hercules." "Can you tell me anything about them?" "Oh, yes. Samson was a regular Hercules." 10. "My grandfather lived to be nearly ninety and never used glasses." "Well, lots of people prefer to drink from a bottle." 11. "You certainly do keep car nice and clean." "It's an even deal - my car keeps me clean too!" 12. "Papa, what kind of a robber is a page?" "A what?" "It says here that two pages held up the bride's train."


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