Lesson Seven



You tricked that blockhead out of them.

  • George always managed ta trick Tom out of some money.
  • At the market I was cheated out of three roubles.



He utters a yell of rage.

  • She was unable to utter a word.
  • The man uttered a groan.
  • The girl uttered a cry.


I am not to be trifled with.

  • I am not to be shouted at.
  • He is not to be interfered with.
  • She is not to be laughed at.


Lady (giving way to her temper).

  • Never give way to your despair.
  • She gave way to her tears.
  • Don't give way to panic.


Who are you that you should presume to speak to me in that coarse way?

  • Who are you that you should shout at me?
  • Who is she that we should wait for her?
  • Who is he that he should order us about?


The moment he takes them, she hurries across to the other side of the room.

  • The moment he saw Jane, he rushed to her.
  • The moment she turns up, send for me.
  • The moment you need me, I'll come.


It will cost you nothing to give it to me.

  • It cost him a lot of trouble to help us.
  • It required me much effort to move the furniture.
  • It will take you little time to do the job.



It has been sent to you out of sheer malice.

  • I did it out of despair.
  • She acted out of fear.
  • He contradicted her out of sheer spite.


Then why not send it to her husband?

  • Why not go there at once?
  • Why not open the window?
  • Why not tell her the truth?


I. Complete the following sentences. Use patterns 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9:

1. Why did you give Ann the tickets?-She tricked ... . 2. It was only when I came home that I noticed that I had been ... .3. The pain became unbearable, but still he ... .4. She knew what she ought to say, but was unable ... . 5. Why on earth are you shouting? I'm not ... . 6. It's no concern of yours. I'm not ... .7. She was making every effort not ... . 8. It was the first time he ... .9. She must have realized she was wrong. She just stuck to her point ... . 10. She isn't really interested in my affairs. She asked ... . 11. You're in no condition to speak to her now. Why not ... ? 12. It's a splendid opportunity for us to get together. Why not ... ?

II. Suggest the beginning matching the end. Use patterns 5, 6, 7:

1. ... that you should shout at me? 2. ... that he should interfere in my affairs? 3. ... I'm free, I'll let you know. 4. ... he comes, tell him I'm in the library. 5. ... an hour or so to do the job. 6. ... about 2000 roubles.

III. Paraphrase the following using the patterns:

1. She made me give her the letter saying that she already had your permission to read it. 2. Those were the last words he said. 3. Only once did she give a cry of pain. 4. It was the first time he lost his temper with her. 5. She hated crying in public. 6. Why does she think that she can keep everyone waiting? 7. Why does he think that everyone should always stand up for him? 8. As soon as he stirred, the dog growled. 9. As soon as George started playing the banjo, Montmorency began howling. 10. I should never have thought you'd be so long about answering my letter. 11. One must have skill to make a fire in the rain. 12. I did it because I was sorry for her. 13. You needn't stay just to be polite. I'll be perfectly all right alone. 14. Don't you think you should be frank if you want my advice? 15. You can always sell your piano if you don't really need it.


IV. Complete the answers:

1. "Why do you dislike Jim so much?"-"He's dishonest. He can easily ... ." 2. "Are you still angry with her?"-"I am. She ... ." 3. "What did she answer I wonder?"-"She didn't ... ." 4. "Did the girl cry when she fell?"-"She didn't ... ." 5. "Shall we go and help him?"--"No, he said he was not ... ." 6. "I'm at my wits' end what to do."- "Oh, come, don't ... ." 7. "Do you think he'll take the news calmly?"- "Oh, no, he's sure ... ." 8. "Why didn't you tell Jannet that you disapproved of her decision?"-"How could I? Who do you think I ... ?" 9. "Who are we waiting for now?"-"Jane. She ... ." 10. "I'm afraid I shan't manage to drop in on her."-"But you live next door to her. It ... ."11. "Shall I wait for you?"-"If you will. It'll ... ." 12. "Why won't you come? She invited you, didn't she?"-"She did, but it was only ... ."

V. Make up two sentences of your own on each pattern.

VI. Translate into English using the speech patterns:

Однажды Коля заявил, что в воскресенье мы идем на лыжах. "Мы слишком много торчим дома",- сказал он. "Почему бы не пробежать километров десять-пятнадцать по лесу? Это не отнимет у нас много времени, зато всю неделю будем хорошо себя чувствовать".

Когда в точно назначенное время я пришла на вокзал, я увидела на платформе несколько человек, ожидавших поезд, но Коли среди них не было. "Мало ли что Morло его задержать",- подумала я и решила немного подождать.

Ветер пронизывал меня до костей, и вскоре я начала злиться. "Кто он такой, что я должна его ждать?" Но как раз в тот момент, когда я уже собралась уходить, появился Коля с опозданием на 10 минут и не очень вразумительно стал говорить что-то о часах, которые он забыл завести. Я не удержалась и сказала ему, что я о нем думаю. В конце концов я не из тех, с кем можно так поступать.

Мы все-таки поехали, но настроение было испорчено у обоих.

Когда мы сошли с поезда на маленькой станции, мы отправились в лес: я впереди, Коля за мной. Он сказал, что так у меня не будет возможности отстать.

Всю ночь шел снег, и лыжни еще никто не проложил. Мне было трудно идти первой, и я сказала: "Почему бы нам не поменяться местами? Тебе не придется прилагать столько усилий, чтобы идти впереди, ты же хороший лыжник". Но Коля не захотел. "Это он со злости",- подумала я. Но когда через несколько минут я оглянулась, то, к моему великому удивлению, увидела, что он тащится где-то позади, явно не в состоянии держаться со мной наравне.

Все стало ясно: он просто не умел ходить на лыжах. Я очень пожалела, что поехала с ним. Дело не в том, что он оказался плохим лыжником. Он был лгун и хвастун. А с этим я не Morла смириться.

VII. Make up a dialogue using the speech patterns (to be done in pairs).


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