Lesson Six



I can't do a thing with'him. He won't take his pineapple juice.

  • I can't do a thing with the boy. He won't let anyone come into the room.
  • I can't do a thing with her. She won't take the medicine.


He had done some constructive thinking since his last visit.

  • I do the cooking myself.
  • He was doing some careful listening.
  • I've done enough reading for today.


This was. no ordinary case.

  • William Strand was no ordinary human.
  • This was no petty offence.


The suggestion proved, too much for the patient's heart.

  • The letter proved to be of little consequence.
  • He had no premonition that this call would prove unusual.


I lust suggested it, that's all.

  • We just thought it necessary to make the inquiries, that's all.
  • I just wanted to know, that's all.
  • I just don't feel like eating, that's all.


Let's try and draw that vase over there on the mantelpiece.

  • Try and behave better.
  • Let's try and get there on time.
  • Try and come, won't you?



Good. Let's make it Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Good. Let's make it next week.
  • Well. Let's make it Saturday then.
  • Why, let's make it four o'clock.


I. Complete the following sentences:

1. Steve is awfully stubborn. Mother can't do ... .He won't ... . 2. Mary is as obstinate as a mule. I ... . 3. Where did you find this; brute of a dog? I ... . 4. I wasted no time. I listened and I did ... . 5. Where did you go for your holidays? Did you do any ...? 6. Even the police were afraid of him. He was no ... .7. You seem to forget that we deal with no ... . 8. There is something fishy about the whole thing. This is no ... .9. I'd never have believed that Jack would prove ... . 10. The young actress had no premonition that the performance ... . 11. They had to leave India before the year was over. The climate ... . 12. "Why do you mind his coming so much?"-"I just ...". 13. Don't be angry with me. I just ... . 14. He is not to blame. He just ... 15. You know how much I look forward to your letters. Try and ... . 16. It is a very difficult sound. Try and ... .17. The task is urgent. Try and ... . 18. I'd like to suit your convenience. Let's make it ... . 19. It's a go then. Let's ... . 20. "Could you spare the time to come twice a week?"-"Sure."-"Good. Let's ... ."

II. Translate the following into Russian:

1. You'd lose less time if you stopped talking and stamping your feet and did a little painting for a change. 2. Martin excused himself- he had to do some writing before dinner. 3. Mrs. Strickland did little typing herself, but spent her time correcting the work of the four girls she employed. 4. She was utterly astonished at being the one who was loved, not the one doing the loving. 5. Soames wanted to impress on Bosinney that his house must be no common edifice. 6. Gainsborough had a good ear for music and was no indifferent performer on the violin.. 7. I was no timid girl to turn and flee simply because no one had made me welcome. 8. It was no mere assertion. She produced facts and figures to support her contention. 9. I just became fascinated, that's all. Not the writing. He writes very technically. But the ideas, the way he correlates man and his environment ...

III. Paraphrase the following sentences as in the models.

A. Model: I think you ought to explain it.

I think it's up to you to do the explaining.

1. One afternoon Beatrice asked me if I rode and I explained that I had a little experience in riding but was far from proficient in the art. 2. Mrs. Kettle is not the kind of woman to wash her clothes herself.


3. Her eyes were red and swollen, it was clear that Mary had been crying. 4. I used to go fishing in my younger days. 5. He talked himself all the time, and they thought he was stupid. 6. I've been thinking about it a good deal.

B. Model: I am out of patience with him because he does not want to do his lesson.

I can't do a thing with him. He won't do his lessons.

1. I am at my wits' end, Paul refuses to go to school. 2. Like a naughty child Nelly refuses to listen to me and put on her winter coat. 3. Her mother despaired of persuading Mary to take up music. 4. No matter how hard I try I can't compel him to tell the truth. 5. Unfortunately I can't make her eat porridge in the morning.

C. Model: We had no premonition that the trip would bring only disappointment.

We had no premonition that the trip would prove so disappointing.

1. I had not expected that the film might be so thrilling. 2. I'd never have believed that Jacob would turn out to be a hero. 3. Before the month was over Nick showed that he was a bright pupil. 4. I won't be surprised if Morris gives evidence of being an excellent scholar. 5. We abandoned the attempt as it became clear that the experiment was dangerous.

D. Model: He showed very little skill.

He showed no great skill.

1. I have very little respect for her. 2. This was an extraordinary case. 3. It was by no means a mere slip of the tongue. 4. He expressed his opinion in terms anything but uncertain. 5. Rebecca's dress excited admiration which was not at all small. 6. Hilary was a scholar of great ability (whose ability was not mean).

IV. Make up two sentences of your own on each pattern.

V. Translate into English using the speech patterns:

Выходя из дома, Розмари не подозревала, что следующие два часа ее жизни окажутся такими необычными.

- Мадам, не дадите ли вы мне на чашку чая?

Розмари обернулась. Она увидела маленькое существо, с огромными глазами, девушку ее возраста, которая сжимала воротник пальто покрасневшими руками и дрожала от холода.

- У вас совсем нет денег? - спросила Розмари.

- Нет, мадам,- сказала девушка и расплакалась.

Как необычно! Это было похоже на сцену из романа. Она не была простой нищенкой. А что если взять ее домой? И она представила себе, как потом она будет говорить друзьям: "Я просто взяла ее с собой домой, вот и все!", и она сказала вслух:

- А не хотите ли вы поехать пить чай ко мне?


Легкий завтрак преобразил девушку. Она перестала смущаться и лежала, откинувшись в глубоком кресле. Глядя на нее, трудно было поверить, что совсем еще недавно она проливала слезы. Розмари продолжала украдкой наблюдать за ней.

Неожиданно в комнату вошел муж Розмари. Извинившись, он попросил Розмари пройти с ним в библиотеку.

- Объясни, кто она? - спросил Филипп.- Что все это значит? Смеясь, Розмари сказала:

- Я подобрала ее на Курзон Серит.

- Но что ты собираешься с ней делать?

- Я просто хочу быть добра с ней. Заботиться о ней, вот и все!

- Но,- произнес Филипп медленно,- она ведь изумительно красива.

- Красива? - Розмари так удивилась, что покраснела до корней волос.- Ты так думаешь?

Через полчаса Розмари вернулась в библиотеку.

- Я только хотела сказать тебе, что мисс Смит не будет обедать с нами сегодня. Я ничего не Morла с ней поделать. Она не захотела даже взять деньги.

(По рассказу "Чашка чая" К. Мэнсфилд)

VI. Make up situations in dialogue form using the speech patterns (to be done in pairs).


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