Lesson One



  • a) I was disposed to be hostile to him.
  • b) He was disposed against talking.
  • I was disposed to be nice to him.
  • I was disposed to have a friendly meeting with him.
  • He was not disposed to talk.
  • He was disposed against consulting the doctor.


  • I encountered a personality entirely different from anything I had expected to meet.
  • I saw a film entirely different from anything I had seen before.
  • I met a girl entirely different from anybody I had known before.
  • This is a piece of poetry entirely different from anything you may have read.


  • What is the state you are trying to create?
  • What is the book you are reading?
  • What is the text you are translating?
  • Who is the girl the student is talking about?


  • The workers of the world were to unite.
  • The students were to gather in the hall.
  • The school-leavers are to take their final examinations.
  • The imperialist and reactionary forces are to be defeated.



  • He wanted more of my Russian impressions.
  • Let's go and see some more of her.
  • You won't hear more of me this week.
  • The spectators see more of the game than the players.


I. Complete the following sentences:

1. The news was alarming and I was disposed ... . 2. The evening was quiet and the old man was disposed ... . 3. There was a long queue at the booking office and the girl was not disposed ... . 4. The man was very rude to me and I am not disposed ... . 5. The dancer I saw last night is ... . 6. The program we're discussing is ... . 7. Today her story is ... . 8. The little nook up the river is ... . 9. What is the pen you are ... . 10. Who is the boy taey are ... . 11. What is the country we are ... . 12. Who are the people she is ... . 13. There are a lot of difficulties and we are ... . 14. The life of students is not an easy one because they are ... . 15. I have a date with a friend of mine, and I am ... . 16. You are not supposed to do anything against the rules at school, you are ... . 17. Andrew Manson liked the teacher very much, and he wanted to see ..... 18. I told him the story in outline, but he said he would like to hear ... . 19. I had one helping of the pudding, and then decided to have ..... 20. He will be very busy these days, and I'm afraid we shan't see ... .

II. Paraphrase the following sentences:

A. Model: Would you like to play tennis? - Are you disposed to play tennis?

1. Would you like to go out for a walk? 2. I'm not inclined to help that lazy fellow. 3. He is not ready to take part in the discussion. 4. I didn't feel like talking, so I kept still.

B. Model: The competition he took part in yesterday differed completely from anything he had expected to participate in.- Yesterday he took part in the competition entirely different from anything he had expected to participate in.

1. The heart attack I had yesterday differed completely from anything I had had before. 2. Judy was not at all like the other girls at college, there were eighteen blank years behind her. 3. There is a great difference between new houses and the old ones we used to live in. 4. The climate of the mountainous country was uncomparable to any other place I had lived in before.

C. Model: According to our arrangements we shall have a meeting on Monday.- We are to have a meeting on Monday.

1. According to the teacher's method we are supposed to have two written tests a week. 2. Due to the arrangements at college the students


are expected to spend a month at Demonstration Schools. 3. When do you want me to meet you? 4. So, it's settled. We're going to leave by the five o'clock bus.

III. Make up 2 sentences of your own on each pattern.

IV. Translate into English using the speech patterns:

1. Я не прочь прогуляться пешком, если будет хорошая погода. 2. Он был не расположен работать и попросил перенести встречу на другой день. 3. Я был расположен к откровенному разговору и с нетерпением ждал встречи с ним. 4. Мы смотрели вчера фильм, который совсем не похож на то, что мы видели раньше. 5. Я принял решение, совершенно отличное от того, что я решил сделать раньше. 6. Это был преподаватель, совершенно не похожий на своих коллег. 7. Что это за журнал, который вы просматриваете на занятиях? 8. Что это за платье, которое ты примеряешь? 9. Кто эта девушка, с которой ты разговариваешь по-английски? 10. Когда мы встречаемся сегодня? И. Он должен был купить молоко утром, так как сегодня была его очередь. 12. Вопрос о том, когда студенты должны начать практику, долго обсуждался. 13. Ему хотелось, чтобы я уделила ему больше внимания. 14. Вы провели в Ленинграде две недели, и мне хочется услышать побольше о ваших впечатлениях. 15. Я ожидал, что вы достигнете большего успеха. 16. Он хотел видеть ее как можно чаще. 17. Девушке хотелось большего разнообразия в жизни.

V. Make up situations in dialogue form using the speech patterns (to be done in pairs).


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