Lesson Four



Andrew stood talking to Mrs. Howells at the door of her


  • Christine was busy writing out sums upon the blackboard.
  • Michael stood silently admiring the picture.
  • Susan lay on the sofa reading a book.


He saw well enough that Mrs. Howells was not to blame.

  • I don't know him well enough to borrow money from him.
  • She seems to like me well enough.
  • He lived long enough to tell the story, then he died.


She was his own age.

  • Mr. Babcock said he had a boy just my age.
  • They were the same age almost to the month.
  • They were the books other girls my age did not care about.


Those that haven't are sure to get it sooner or later.

  • The lawyer is sure to win the case.
  • Mr. Peterson is sure to come in time.
  • They are sure to take advantage of my absence.


If you don't believe me, look for yourself.

  • Go and see for yourself if you don't believe me!
  • I cannot see with your eyes: every man must judge that for himself.
  • The place is delightful. You must go there and look for yourself.


But here it's my word that counts.

  • It is not the money that I care about.
  • It was only then that I became aware of his presence.
  • It was only when Ralph struggled to his feet that I saw him.
  • " It was they who felt embarrassed.



I. Complete the following sentences:

1. When.Susan entered the room her grandmother sat by the fire: ... .2. For hours at a stretch he would lie ... .3. Now that we have got so many things to do how can you ... ? 4. Lady Bracknell refused to give her consent to the marriage though she saw well enough ... . 5. Do you know him well ... ? 6. Harris suggested putting the dead water-rat into the stew though he knew ... .7. Gwen had always seemed older than his cousin, although they were ... .8. I am rather lonely here. I'd like to meet a girl ... . 9. Mrs. White was a well-preserved woman of forty-five and she liked to be told that she did not ... . 10. The other girl is younger, if you don't believe me, ... . 11. Mrs. Douglas has a spare bedroom. She is sure ... . 12. You can rely on her discretion, she is ... . 13. He is as cunning as a fox, he is ... . 14. It was because of your-indiscreet remark ... . 15. It was only when she learnt that Jack was a foundling ... . 16. It was at that precise moment ... .

II. Paraphrase the following sentences using patterns 2, 3, 4:

1. He ought to have known Stella sufficiently well by now to have taken notice of what she said. 2. Mrs. Simons spent a few days every year in London with Julia but this year she didn't feel like coming because she was ill. 3. Andrew was quite well aware of the fact that the case would demand all his attention. 4. Most of the students were no older than himself, they could not b.e much younger either. 5. At close quarters she looked as old as she really was: the skin under her eyes was delicately lined. 6. This society girl that I fell in love with had a brother born in the same year as myself whose name was Vernon. 7. Why not come to the Petersons on Wednesday? There is no doubt that David will be there. 8. You'd better take your umbrella. The clouds threaten rain. 9. It's no use trying to^explain things to Helen. No matter how hard you try she will miss the point.

III. Make the following sentences emphatic using pattern 6:

1. At that moment I caught sight of him in the crowd. 2. Tom felt uneasy because of her. 3. We admired his presence of mind. 4. My father postponed the departure for a week. 5. The last straw breaks the camel's back. 6. Because of his great age, he couldn't walk as fast as the others. 7. Thanks to your help, we were successful. 8. When Jack went on his knees to propose to Gwendolen, Lady Bracknell entered the room. 9. Such a matter a girl cannot be allowed to arrange for herself, 10. Then, across the evening stillness, broke a blood-curdling yelp. 11. George got out his banjo after supper. 12. With great pleasure I give you the prize. 13. Then he gave me the letter to take back. 14. The early bird catches the worm. 15. An ill wind blows nobody good.

IV. Make up two sentences of your own on each pattern. 76


V. Translate the following sentences into English using the speech patterns:

1. Молодой человек стоял и внимательно разглядывал картину. 2. Эта женщина может стоять и разговаривать с соседями целыми днями. 3. Артур лежал и думал о происшедшем. 4. Туристы стояли и любовались великолепным зданием. 5. Когда Лэнни впервые увидел Сарри, она сидела под деревом, задумчиво глядя в пространство. 6. Я бы хотел, чтобы она познакомилась с моей сестрой, они одного возраста и непременно подружатся. 7. М-р Финч и его жена примерно одного возраста. 8. Вы достаточно близко знакомы с ним, чтобы выяснить этот вопрос? 9. Эндрю прекрасно понимал, что сам был во всем виноват, но не хотел признаваться в этом. 10. До Джеймса дошли слухи, что Соме не ладит с женой, и он отправился в Робин Хилл, чтобы лично во всем убедиться. 11. Вы отлично знаете, что этого делать нельзя. 12. Не беспокойтесь, все несомненно наладится. 13. Только после того, как он проделал все опыты, он рассказал нам о своем новом изобретении. 14. И только тогда я понял, на что она намекает. 15. Именно в этой комнате писатель любил работать по утрам. 16. Именно в этот момент Эрик подумал, что чем больше он занимается этой темой, тем меньше она его интересует. 17. Это было на Кавказе, два года назад, когда я впервые увидела горы. 18. Он обязательно там будет. 19. Ветер наверняка принесет дождь. 20. Завтра погода безусловно будет хорошая. Вы только посмотрите на небо.

VI. Make up situations in dialogue form using the speech patterns (to be done In pair").


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