Choose any 10 word combinations and structural patterns out of the following list and make up situations based on the story "Mrs. Packletide's Tiger":

it will save you a lot of trouble (money); to feel sympathy for; to sympathize with; to control oneself with difficulty; to pull oneself together; to suggest that smb do smth; to lose hope (all hope)


of doing smth; quite by chance; it's settled then; to doubt the truth of the story; How did it all come about?; not to have a wink of sleep; to gaze at; to agree to smb's plan; to take every precaution; to pre--vent smb from learning smth; to have difficulty in doing smth; to go through with; to be driving at; to flash through one's mind; to be to blame for; (the climate) to disagree with smb; to have a feeling; can(not) afford to do smth; to stick to one's story; might as well; had better do smth; would rather not do smth; I wish ...; must, can, may + infinitive (perfect, continuous); clauses of unreal condition

Read and memorize the poem. How is the effect of echo achieved in the poem?


By Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)

'Who called?' I said, and the words
Through the whispering glades,
Hither, thither, baffled the birds -
'Who called? Who called?'

The leafy boughs on high
Hissed in the sun;
The dark air carried my cry
Faintingly on:

Eyes in the green, in the shade,
In the motionless brake,
Voices that said what I said,
For mockery's sake:

'Who cares?' I bawled through my tears;
The wind fell low: In the silence,
'Who cares? Who cares?'
Wailed to and fro.


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